Overtime, everyone might inherit from one’s ancestor’s way of life, and have similar views, ideas, and way of thinking without knowing it.
However, that sensibility people inherited from them seems to be greatly influenced and changed by the environment and encounters with people in one’s daily life.
I’ve had various meetings with lots of people as of today and those encounters nurtured me a lot. One of the greatest encounters was with a tango diva, Ms. Anna Saeki. I understand that experts of Argentine tango dancers always struggle to convey their feelings with dance. That is why the tango is a dance expressed by the person’ s sensibility.
I have been watching the way Anna pursues and expresses her philosophy of “songs convey her feeling” which greatly influences people’s sensibility. Everyone has a rich fundamental essence, which can heal, encourage and cheer other people. The encounter that brings out those essences from the inner self –
I think that is the most important thing in life. I hope you will have such a meeting in this concert. I believe strongly that the door for the individual sensibility opens wider and you begin to love yourself more than ever.

President for the conservation of tango of Anna Saeki
Rumiko Natsuki

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