'10 : Performed FESTIVAL OF TOWNS AND WINE in San Rafael and TANGO FESTIVAL in Zarate, Argentina.

Toured in Argentina and Peru under the auspices of Japan Foundation:
Buenos Aires--Jardin Japones, Club BIEN PORTENO, Centro Nikkei 25th Anniversary Concert at Nikkei Argentina Center, Salon Dorado in The City
Culture Center (first time as a Japanese musician)
Lima--Teatro Peruano Japones.

Performed invitation concerts at LA FALDA TANGO FESTIVAL in Argentina and GRANADA TANGO FESTIVAL in Spain.

Performed WORLD CONCERT TOUR 2010 "Breaking New Ground" with the band, TANGOLOCO.

Performed dinner shows in Japan with TANGOLOCO.
Held five PARENT AND CHILD DREAM CONCERT's at Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater etc.

Simultaneously released Electric Tango DVD/CD album, TANGOS DEL MUNDO "Tangos of the World".