'06 : Performed in Berlin and Performed Tango Dinner shows in Japan
Her 20th Anniversary CD, two pieces, were recorded in Buenos Aires. She collaborated them with the greatest Tango maestros, Leopordo Federico (No.1 Bandoneon player), Horacio Ferrer, Raul Garello, Nicolas Ledesma.

'07 : Invited to perform both with Tango Orchesta de Buenos Aires and with Leopoldo Gederico y Orchesta at the 9th Tango Festival in Buenos Aires .
Released her 20th Anniversary CD “Concierto De ANNA Clasica & Moderna” in Japan and Argentina . Her fluent Spanish was highly praised.
Performed at Torquatto Tasso in Buenos Aires for her CD release Concert. Tango authorities and critics admired her saying, “Ms. Saeki brought a fresh sensitivity to Tango”. Received interviews from the media.
Performed “Anna Saeki 20th Anniversary Concert Tour” in 7 cities including 12 performances in Japan ( Tokyo , Osaka , Yokohama , Nagoya , Hiroshima , Fukuoka and Sapporo ). Received interviews from the media and appeared on TV during the tour.  Televised the promotional films for the concerts and new CDs on a big screen in different cities.