'01 : Performed 15th anniversary celebration Tour (“Tango concert Tour 2001”) in Japan

  "TANGO CONCERT TOUR 2001" in Paris

    Had a triumphant return performance at Tokyo International Forum with a band from France.
Released the album “Canto de Sirena” (The Song of the Mermaid) that was recorded in Paris. Also created a new tango –it is modern and beautiful - including numbers of Piazzola (previously unreleased in public). This album spawned huge sales among within this genre.

  Performed “Tango Concert Tour 2001” in New York. (This was a charity concert and all proceeds were donated to World Trade center disaster Relief Fund.

'02 : Started her nationwide concerts, “Tango Concert Tour 2002” in Japan.

    Performed a concert in Paris.

    Released her first DVD of a concert, “Canto de Sirena in Tokyo International Forum”. Wrapped up “Tango Concert Tour 2002” in Shikoku, Japan.