Interview in JA's magazine "Ie no hikari"

“A human being is filled with potential and the origin of one’s
potential can be expanded by having a dream.”- Anna Saeki

It has been 23 years since Anna Saeki’s debut as a tango singer. She was mesmerized by tango music, the music of Argentina, a country farfrom Japan.

“Although many lyrics of tango music express sadness, sorrow and pain,things that contribute to dark images people may have, I feel tango music also expresses one’s strong desire to live through such sadnessand pain. I have been singing with a sole desire of conveying the hopefor the future that tango music has.”
Anna Saeki has cultivated her own world of tango ever since she has desired
to be like Ástor Piazzolla, a great tango artist,whom sherespects and loves.
Anna’s accomplishment of overcoming differences in nationality and language,
as well as her willingness to take on challenges portrays the infinite possibilities of human beings.

“I have learned that it creates suffering when one thinks something
must be a certain way because most life events do not follow that rule.
I think I was trained mentally and physically through my experiences overseas.
For example, when I am in an environment where I do not have satisfactory rehearsals, I feel like my ability as a professional is tested. When I am faced with such a situation and I ask myself what it is I am here to do, I always come back to the same answer: I want to deliver love to the audience. I do my best to perform to fulfill my purpose of delivering love. Although I have experienced numerous concerts, I cannot say that I am completely confident.  Because I do not feel confident, I strive to make extraeffort to be the best I can be, which makes me realize the importance of treasuring every moment as an once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Horacio Ferrer, a poet who provided lyrics to Astor Piazzola, commented that Anna’s voice is like a scent of fine perfume. Anna’s beautiful voice is one that heals sadness and suffering;it is a miracle created by her passion for tango music.

If making an effort to be my best became difficult, it would be theend of everything.
Despite the fact that singing and being in shapecan be more difficult as I age, I find pleasure in difficultsituations, plus I still have so many dreams that I want to fulfill!
My life-long dream is to be able to provide healing and hope for the future through my music.”

Anna wants to pass on not only her fascination of tango music to children, but also the beauty of Japanese language to people from all over the world. Expanding along with her dreams, the foundation of Anna Saeki’s world is based on her passion for tango music and herpersistent efforts. After the time I spent interviewing Anna for thispiece, I feel that I came in touch with the unshakable charisma of a diva who continues to impress and spread warmth and positivity to people all over the world.