“Wow, she is completely different from any other Japanese tango singers who have come to Argentina” – this is my first impression of Ms. Saeki, when I listened to her tango at the Tangelia (Tango Theatre), “Torquato Tasso” in San Telmo district in Buenos Aires on the night of last February 21st.

It was not really my first time to listen to Ms. Saeki’s tango songs. In 2001, I listened to her CD Album, “Canto de Serena”. But this time, it was far more impressive when I saw her performance on stage. It is not only her beautiful and powerful voice, but her theatrical skill is also amazing; she is truly the “Tango Diva” of the world.

When I commented that she was completely different from any other Japanese tango singers in the past, some people may misunderstand thinking that other tango singers don’t sing well. I didn’t mean that. I was rather impressed by those who have achieved a fairly high level of ability to sing Argentine tango. However, most of them could not go beyond imitating. Anna Saeki, on the other hand, has her original Argentine tango style. She established her unique style of singing tango --not imitating.

I think this is the reason why she received great acclaim internationally. She has attained international stature rather than being classified as an exotic Japanese tango singer, wearing kimono. I was convinced that this fact reflects credit on her artistic singing career. This is the main reason why she is completely different from any other Japanese tango singers. Ms. Saeki has such great acting talent and theatrical skill coming from her heart and soul, which are the essence of theatrical artists. And she was supported strongly by prominent people in the tango world such as Horacio Ferrer, a top lyricist in Tango world, Leopoldo Federico, and Raul Garello. They highly praised her originality and artistic quality in her. Horacio Ferrer said, “ Her voice is like perfume…” when he heard her songs.

Ms. Saeki says, “It would be great if I could give hope and courage though my songs beyond the words and an even greater if my songs could nurture people’s soul.” I was convinced even more that such her attitude toward her singing touches audience more than any technique, no matter what.
Mr. TAKAGI of "LA PLATA hôchi(newspaper)"