Message released from Buenos Aires
<In making her 20th anniversary of debut as a singer>

- In the previous interview, you told that you would like to record your 20th anniversary CD in Buenos Aires if possible.  Isn’t it great that your dream came true?
ANNA :Yes, I really wished to make it happen.   It was so thrilling!  I deeply felt that it is so important to maintain a feeling of hope within me.  I’ll keep my dreams alive and deepen my awareness as well.

- How did your recording go?
ANNA :I was a little nervous working with such prominent people in the tango world.  But they warmly welcomed me and told me that they were really looking forward to working with me.  I was so happy to work with them.  In Buenos Aires , I recorded with two band members.  I was able to work with both bands in a very relaxed atmosphere but once we got started, I felt their spirit and concentration.  Every time they finished the session, they asked me if I was satisfied with their performance – they told me that they’d like to be my great back-up.  I was so thankful for their comments and I was so inspired by them.  They also told me that they love my clear voice - it was so fresh to them since most female tango vocalists sing in a husky voice.  Horacio Ferrer (he put the lyrics to AstorPiazzolla’s musics) said, “Your voice is like perfume….”.  I was a bit embarrassed by his comment. 
It was such a sensational reunion with Leopoldo Federico since we had played together 18 years before.  This time he added his bandoneon solo for me.   There were so many good surprises and the recording was one of the most unforgettable experiences I’ve ever had.  Including my putting songs into music, I am so happy to say that I put all my devotion and feelings into my 20th anniversary CD.  Of course, I know I still need to improve.

- When did you go to Buenos Aires for the first time?  Could you tell me more about it?
ANNA :It was on June 1988, 18 years ago.  It was the beginning of winter there.  I was exhausted after a long 30-hour flight form Japan .  But surprisingly, Leopoldo Federico, whom I mentioned earlier and some dancers I played with in Japan welcomed me with a bouquet of yellow roses (my debut song was titled “Tango of yellow roses”)   I was so touched by their warm welcome that I forgot how tired I was.
I was quite busy during the two weeks I was there.  I had so much to do in addition to my recording of a second album, such as TV & radio appearances, interview from some magazines and so on.  Since the TV program I appeared in first, was a highly-watched tango program, lots of people approached me in a familiar way on the following day.   After that, I got a lot of requests to be on TV shows.  I ended up appearing on 3 TV shows and 10 radio shows.  Between my recoding and appearing on TV shows, I made a guest appearance for Mr. Federico at the tango bar “Casa Blanca”. I was extremely busy.  I still remember it well although it was so long ago.  Buenos Aires was such a memorable place for me.

- How are you finding Buenos Aires after 18 years?
ANNA :Well, I felt nostalgic as I expected – some cityscape were unchanged and some were changed….
I had a great reunion and new encounter as well.   I’ve got another good memory.  It was a great surprise to know that the culture of “Tango music” was preserved here and developed at the same time.   I was so touched by people in Buenos Aires showing their warm welcome with admiration that I am Japanese, loving and singing “Tango”.   I felt the same way 18 years ago, too.  It is really powerful encouragement for me.

- You’ll have your 20th anniversary soon and you visited Buenos Aires where “Tango” music was born.  Do you have even bigger dreams after 21st anniversary?
ANNA :In fact, one of my bigger dreams will come true soon.  There is a tango festival held in Buenos Aires on February every year and I am going to perform at this festival coming this February!!  I was dreaming of performing this festival and my recording in Buenos Aires this time made such a great opportunity.  I’m so excited!!  Furthermore, my CD will be released by an Argentinean record company and get on the market faster than it would in Japan .
 My further dreams are:    releasing my CD in France , Germany and U.S.A. , holding more concerts in different countries and bridging countries around the world through my tango singing.  There won’t be any greater happiness than having those dreams come true.  I continue to have my dreams and do my best diligently. 

- We have to stay close to what will be happening to you even more.  Can you give any message to your fans just before your 20th anniversary?
ANNA :Thank you all very much for your warm support always.  I’m so grateful and honor that I was able to be with you.  Without your support I couldn’t be what I am now.  I would like to concentrate all my energies into my 20th anniversary concerts.  I hope I can convey my gratitude through my song.   I hope to see all of you at the concerts at every venue.