<Perspectives for the future>

- When you sang extracts from Piazzolla 'Balada para loco' and 'Preludios per 3001' , I felt as if I was listening to a musical. It seems to me that there are musicals written by Piazzolla. Do you think about the theatrical aspect of your performances?

ANNA : I hope I create something original. I'd like new challenges after the 20th anniversary of my career. Don't be too impatient...

- Tell us about your 2007 concert in celebration of the 20th anniversary of your career?

ANNA : For me it will be the crowning moment of my career. It really is a dream to be able to celebrate 20 years of professional experience. As always I will look after the costumes and the scenography. I hope that the audience will share this happiness with me. A Japanese leg of the tour is planned. Afterwards we will go to Waikoloa in Hawaii, Carnegie Hall in New York and to Paris.

- What would you like to do next? And can you tell us about any plans for a new album?

ANNA : For the new album, which will commemorate my 20th anniversary, I would like to record abroad...in Buenos Aires if possible. The album will contain songs from Piazzolla that I've only sung in concert. A song from Gardel, a song that I was asked to record, and also new material... But I don't want to reveal too much about this album (laughter).
I would also love to perform in Europe and in the United States, or in a country that I don't already know.

- Do you have a message for the public?

ANNA : It is said that mankind has the gift of unlimited potential. Our dreams can sometimes come true... One must continue to dream without forgetting to believe in this unlimited potential. One day it will come true.
At the moment many of my dreams are coming true.
I hope to continue singing and thank the people who support me.