<Unforgettable concerts>

- On the subject of your performances, do you have any happy or moving anecdotes to tell us?

ANNA : During the concert in Hiroshima on the 'Omoi' tour (2003), just before the encore I fell on stage, my dress got caught in the heal of my shoe. I really hurt myself physically (laugher). Those who saw the DVD of the concert at Orchard Hall (Tokyo) or those who came to the concert remember what happened. When I fell a pain in my kidney stopped me from getting up. One of the musicians had to help me to my dressing room. As the pain really was unbearable I started to worry that I would not be able to walk again. I tried to walk normally to centre stage with a smile on my face as not to worry the audience. I said with a laugh "anything can happen". During the song 'Amazing Grace' at the end of the concert tears welled up in my eyes (this wasn't due to the kidney pain though (laughter).
After the concert I went straight to the hospital. Although there weren't any visible abnormalities I was extremely delicate, the doctor said, "If the pain doesn't fade after a month it's possible you've cracked a bone. There is nothing we can do at the moment. You just have to wait while your body repairs itself...". As it was still the beginning of the tour the following period wasn't easy. I took medication to calm the pain and used a crutch. I also used a wheelchair when getting about by airplane - I didn't want to cancel any concerts. The team was very surprised that I reacted as if nothing were wrong. For example, I'd spend my days looking for a way to change high-healed shoes for flat shoes... Going up and down the stairs on stage or the motion of dancing during the last concerts at Orchard Hall was really painful. However, as if by miracle, the pain vanished during my performance. Of course the pain was still there while dancing so I asked myself if concentrating on singing relieved the pain.
After the tour it took me 6 months to recuperate completely. I was worried because I wasn't able to walk normally but bit-by-bit I felt my body heal, and at the same time felt the mystery that is the human body. I am thankful that I was born with a healthy body.

There are lots of unforgettable concerts. Including the charity concert held in New York after September 11th 2001. When I went to 'Ground Zero' I felt my heart go tight and an immense sadness. Lots of concerts were cancelled during this time and I took part in many interviews. I couldn't do much but I went on stage in deep prayer, hoping to give courage, hope and love. Not many people went to concerts during this time so I was happy to see that the room was full. It was at this moment that the ambassador of Argentina in New York came to see me. I also received many messages of thanks from members of the audience. I wanted to continue with such efforts in my own way - through having a desire to serve as a link, bringing together people and countries through music.