Singing is life
Therefore I would like to pass on something through song

<The secret energy of a concert in full evolution>

- It is said that the body of a singer is like an instrument. Every time I watch one of your performances I feel your voice and your energy evolves. Do you do something in particular?

ANNA : Thank you. It's nice to hear this... I don't do anything in particular, but I do feel a strong desire when singing. Two years ago I injured my throat and since then I have rediscovered the enthusiasm of a beginner when singing. Through trial and error I have found my own method, this has helped me stretch the potential of my own voice. I feel that since this my voice has become more balanced. This method has brought me more energy.

- During your concerts costumes and dance have as much importance as singing. You have the physique of an athlete. What's your secret to keeping in shape and remaining supple?

ANNA : I pay a lot of attention to what I eat as I have a tendency to put on weight easily. I eat a varied and well balanced diet. I like to walk a lot, which is great for the keeping healthy. I like to keep my body supple through certain stretching exercises. But if I do too much sport and activities, my leg muscles become like fat fish... (Laughter). Finally, and most importantly, is keeping one's heart in good condition.

- Could you tell us about you diet?

ANNA : As I'm careful with my throat I like to drink black Soya tea (Hokkaido tea, the best!!), salted plums and, the indispensable medlar (Japanese fruit) dipped in honey. I like to try lots of things. People often have trouble imagining what I like, and imagining that I like to eat Natto (fermented soya) ...(laughter).

- What beauty treatments do you use?

ANNA : I don't have any particular treatments but sometimes I use tissue face masks. They are very practical... I take them abroad because of the dry air (especially in Europe). I really like the mask that I bought in Korea during my concert there last December. This mask really suits lazy people like me because you can leave it on your face while you sleep... (laughter).

- It is said that external beauty reflects inner beauty. Do you have any advice for the women of your generation?

ANNA : I don't know if I can give advice but I hope I live my life from day to day with a happy and healthy heart. I think that the well-being of the heart is associated with the well being of the body. A healthy heart today constitutes one's future. In everyday life I hope to be at ease with myself and full of the joys of life. I would like to continue to dream and I will always believe in my potential.

- Despite all you do you are in the process of studying to become a healthcare professional. What motivated you to do this? Do these studies indicate a change of heart or an evolution in your singing?

Yes. My manager and my friends have spoken to me about my studies. At the same time I received a moving email from a member of the audience of my Paris concert. He told me that the concert had cured his problem with insomnia. I was very moved by this... because I have always hoped that people will find peace through my voice and this is what happened for this man. Similar events have occurred in Japan and in New York, which is so rewarding for me. At moments like these I hope to give people some respite from their difficulties. I therefore decided to follow a course in healthcare. I hope to see my dream come true because desire is passed on through song...
I am in the middle of my studies and I already feel that I understand better the human condition and its spirit.
It's difficult, but I appreciate these studies as much as my work to support people.
I hope that this new direction will bring something to my singing.